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Prateek Ahuja

Sr. Digital Marketer

Mr. Prateek Ahuja has 10+ years of industrial experience and he is one of the best instructor at digiStackedu.


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  • Module : 17
  • Length : 3 Month
  • Level : Advance
  • Category : Digital Marketing
  • Started : 15 APR 2024
  • Shift : 02
  • Class : 90

Course Description

Digital Marketing is all about making a brand image of any product or service using digital technologies such as social media, emails, mobile phone apps, etc. In simple words, it is a strategy to reach out and build a relationship with the customers online. Our Digital Marketing Online Course, designed to upgrade your skills in Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Digital Analytics, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing, etc. After completion of this program, you will get an industry valid certificate from DigiStacKedu and will get a tag as a Digital Marketing Expert.

You'll get a Live Streaming Classroom where Instructor will teach you all the concept of Digital Marketing practically and you will get assignment on daily basis Moreover,You'll work on live project so that you could be an expert of Digital Marketing.

This is not hidden,Digital Marketing field is providing a huge job opportunity and opening a door for students and professionals.Learn Digital Marketing by top level industry experts and work like a pro.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: An Introduction to Digital Marketing.

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing.
  2. Overview of SEO, Content Marketing and Digital Advertising.
  3. Overview of Social Media Marketing.
  4. Understanding the Social Media Platforms.
  5. Working for Facebook and Twitter Marketing.
  6. Working for Youtube and Instagram marketing.
  7. Understanding Online Reputation Management
  8. Working on Quora Marketing.
  9. An Introduction to Email Marketing.
  • Introduction to Wordpress.
  • Understanding basics of web development.
  • Introduction to HTML.
  • Building a web page using HTML.
  • Learning HTML tags.
  • Understanding the layout of website.
  • Basics of Menu and Nesting of menu
  • Types of images for a website.
  • Learning types of videos for a website.
    1. Installing Wordpress on local Machine.
    2. Introduction to Godaddy.
    3. Secure Login on Godaddy Server.
    4. Understanding Layout of Host Panel.
    5. Installing Wordpress on Godaddy Server.
    6. Creating users account for wordpress.
    7. Understanding Admin Panel for Wordpress.
    1. Introduction to Wordpress Dashboard.
    2. Understanding Post and Page Editors.
    3. Working on media library
    4. Loading Wordpress website templates
    5. Working on first Post and Page.
    6. Working on Correlation chart or heatmap.
    7. Understanding HTML Editor.
    8. Roal of h1 tag in the world of SEO.
    1. An introduction to Menu
    2. Understanding categories in Wordpress Blogs.
    3. Designing Menus using Wordpress Category.
    4. Designing Sub-Menus in Wordpress.
    5. Testing Menus on Wordpress website.
    1. An Introduction to Themes and Plugins.
    2. Installing Yoast Seo Plugin on Wordpress.
    3. Undersatanding the role of SEO.
    4. Working on Plugins.
    5. Installing Themes on Wordpress Website.
    6. Unserstanding sitemap.xml in Wordpress.
    7. Connecting Sitemap.xml in Search Console
    1. An Introduction to customizing a Theme.
    2. Wordpress options for customizing a Theme.
    3. How to add and delete a Theme.
    4. Understanding Wordpress appearance management
    5. Theme Uploading and activation.
    6. Assignments on Wordpress Theme editing.
    1. An Introduction to Project Development.
    2. Project Assignments.
    3. Task Allocation and Project guidance.
    4. Final Project Submission.
    1. An Introduction to PHP.
    2. Basic of PHP language.
    3. Combing PHP Script with Wordpress Website.
    4. Designing Email Code in PHP.
    5. An Introduction to HTML Forms.
    6. Developing HTML Forms.
    7. Adding PHP Scipt on HTML Forms.
    1. An Introduction to SEO.
    2. How to Optimise website Homepage.
    3. Working on Google Search Console.
    4. Checking Website Performance.
    5. Onpage & Offpage Search Engine Optimization.
    6. Competitive Analysis & Keyword Research tools
    7. Working on factors that impact website rankings.
    8. Building Traffic and Generating Backlinks
    1. An Introduction to Digital Analytics.
    2. In Introduction to Google Analytics.
    3. Creating properties for website.
    4. Checking Website Performance.
    5. Understanding the layout of Google Analytics.
    6. Competitive Analysis & Keyword Research tools
    7. Working on factors that impact website rankings.
    8. Building Traffic and Generating Backlinks
    1. An Introduction to Digital Advertising.
    2. Understanding Facebook Advertising.
    3. Understanding Linkedin Advertising.
    4. Understanding Google Advertising.
    1. An Introduction to Digital Copywrite.
    2. What is Copywriting?
    3. Different Forms of Online Writing.
    4. Online Writing tools and plugins.
    5. How to Start Writing.
    6. How to start Freelancing.
    7. How to Build a Social Network.
    1. An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing .
    2. Promoting affiliate Products.
    3. Product Reviews and Sales.
    4. Applying digital marketing techniques..
    5. Keyword and content analysis.
    6. Project on affiliate marketing.
    1. An Introduction to Search Console .
    2. Creating a new property for Search Console.
    3. Understanding Layout
    4. Linking Website to Search Console.
    5. Understanding Keyword Poitions and impression.
    6. Disavow Links.
    1. An Introduction to ECommerce .
    2. Installing WooCommerce.
    3. Creating Layout in WordPress
    4. Adding Products and Price.
    5. Adding Menus and Sub-Categories.
    6. Online Pyment Process.
    1. An Introduction to Project Development.
    2. Working on Godaddy Live Panel.
    3. Applying Social Media Marketing.
    4. Applying Quora Marketing..
    5. Applying Google Advertising on real time Project.
    6. Final Project Submission and Reports.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, you will get industry valid certificate after completeion of this course and you will be tagged as a Digital Marketer.
    Yes, You can pay your fee in two installments but it depands on the course you selected.
    Yes, You can join Digital Marketing online course even if you do not belong from computer science background. Our experts will help you to upgarde your technical skills, you just need some basic computer skills for this course.
    This course is 100% practical oriented, you will work on SEO, Social Media Marketing, Wordpress, HTML and Email Marketing moreover, you will learn various strategies of digital marketing.
    DigiStackEdu provides cost-effective and quality training, We focus on every student and we understand the value of money. Our Trainers are certified and have more than 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing, Data Science, Java Programming, Web Designing, Big Data, and Data Analytics moreover, We have Trained 47,000+ students and professionals who are working in top-level IT companies.
    DigiStackEdu only provide internship in Data Science, Digital Marketing, Java Programming, PHP programming and Web Development.For more details please contact to our support team.
    The main advantage of digital marketing is that it doesn’t matter the type and size of your business, digital marketing platforms work equally for all.it won’t be wrong to say that professionals doing brand awareness by promoting products using digital marketing strategies & techniques. this industry is growing day by day, also providing huge job openings for students.
    You can submit your fee after 3 classes, Even after that, you face any issue within the next 7 days then you can contact our support team for the return.
    We'll start this course with very basic concepts of digital marketing further we'll move to the advanced concept of SEO like HTML tags for SEO, WordPress, SEO plugins, and website designing. It will take approx 3 months to be a master in Digital Marketing after that you will get an industry valid certificate and will get a tag as a Digital Marketer.