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Mr. Mohit Ahuja

Sr. Data Analyst

Mr. Mohit Ahuja is one of the best instructor of digiStackedu.


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  • Lessons : 12
  • Length : 7 days
  • Level : Advance
  • Category : Analysis
  • Started : 15 APR 2024
  • Shift : 02
  • Class : 90

Course Description

Data Analytics is the very populer field in the current IT Sector.Professionals are using latest tools and technologies to analize different varities of data and generating report for businesses and organizations.This couse will cover how to visualize data using tableau Desktop and you will be an expert of data visulization tool.

Tableau is a very populer tool in the data analytics domain where professionals can make connections form various RDBMS and loading different varities of data from various sources.

We will start this course with basics of Tableau and further you will move to the tableau advance level analytics using tableau interface and graphs moreover, you will learn how to analyze different types of data sets and how ot visualize and generate reports.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: An Introduction to Tableau

  1. Introduction to Tableau and Data Visulization.
  2. Tableau architecture.
  3. Intsallation of Tableau Desktop.
  4. Understanding Tableau Interface.
  5. Role of Tableau in Data Science.
  6. Introduction to different types of graphs.
  7. Understanding Tableau Show Me Tab.
  1. Introduction to MySQL.
  2. Understading Tableau Toolbars,Data Pane and Analytics
  3. Tableau and RDBMS connections
  4. Working with Csv file.
  5. Tableau and Excel Connection.
  6. Understanding Tableau Data Source.
  7. Introduction to JSON Files.
  8. Working with JSON file Using Tableau.
  1. Introdutcion to Tableau Fields.
  2. Categorical vs Numerical Columns.
  3. Conversion of fields in Tableau.
  4. Working on Histograms and bar chart.
  5. Working on Time Series chart.
  6. Working on Box Plot in Tableau.
  7. Drawing Pie Chart in Tableau.
  8. Real Time Example of Bubble Chart.
  9. Drawing Scatter Diagram.
  1. An Introduction to World Map.
  2. Loading Files for Tableau Map.
  3. Understanding the role of lattitude and longitude
  4. Drawing Map and Showing sales in different contries.
  5. Working on Tableau Filter
  6. Applying filters to all Sheets
  7. Removing filters.
  8. Handling Missing Values in Tableau.
  1. Setting levels on Map
  2. Setting levels on barchat and Pie Chart
  3. Setting levels on Bubble Chart
  4. Advance Color Options in Tableau.
  5. Setting color Scale on Different Graphs.
  6. An Introduction to classification.
  7. Working on multiple chart.
  8. Working on Fonts.
  9. Showing level based on percentage.
  1. An Introduction to Data Manipulation.
  2. Creating bins of numerical fields.
  3. Sorting Columns and fetching top 10 bins.
  4. Sorting Columns and fetching bottom 10 bins.
  5. Creating a cluster.
  1. An Introduction to Data Anlytics.
  2. Understading Basics of statistics.
  3. Working on box plot with medain value.
  4. Linear and Polynomial Regression in Tableau.
  1. An Introduction to Tableau Dashboard.
  2. Dashboard Layouts and Formatting
  3. Creating Intractive Tableau Dashboard.
  4. Working on legends, objects, and filters
  5. Working on slider in Tablesu Dashboard

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will get industry valid certificate after completeion of this course and you will be tagged as a Tableau Expert.
Yes, You can pay your fee in two installments but it depands on the course you selected.
Yes, You can join Tableu online course even if you do not belong from computer science background. Our experts will help you to upgarde your technical skills, you just need some basic computer skills for this course.
This course is 100% practical oriented, you will work on Tableau Desktop moreover,you will lean on how to work on diffrent types of analytical chat using tableau.
DigiStackEdu provide cost effective and quality training,We focus on every student and we understand the value of money.Our Trainers are certified and having more than 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing, Data Science, Java Programming, Web Designing, Big Data and Data Analytics moreover,We have Trained 47,000+ students and professionals who are working in top level IT companies.
DigiStackEdu only provide internship in Data Science, Digital Marketing, Java Programming, PHP programming and Web Development.For more details please contact to our support team.
Tableau is the most demanding tool for data analytics and visualization,if you are planning to be a data scientist or data analyst than you must understand the woking of tableu.
You can submit your fee after 3 classes, Even after that if you face any issue with in the next 7 days then you can contect to our support team for the return.
We'll start this course by very basic concepts of Tableau further we'll move to the advance analytics.It will take approx 15 days to be master in Tableau after that you will get a industry valid cerficate and will get a tag as a Tableau Expert.