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Anand Sharma

Sr. Digital Marketing Executive

Mr. Anand Sharma is an expert of digital marketing and developed more then 125+ projects for top level organizations .


  • Price : Call Now!
  • Lessons : 10
  • Length : 1 Month
  • Level : Advance
  • Category :Design & Development.
  • Started : 15 APR 2024
  • Shift : 02
  • Class : 30

Course Description

WordPress is one of the most famous content management systems in the world, most professionals and students are using WordPress to develop websites.WordPress is the most demanding CMS around the globe. According to W3Techs, more than 38% of all websites on the Internet use WordPress.This is why our team designed the content for WordPress online course that is easy to understand with meaningful examples.

This is one of the best courses to be a WordPress Designer and Developer, In this course, you will learn how to create a website utilizing widgets, themes, Menus, and plug-ins, and other tools, Moreover, you will be an expert of HTML and other designing tools.

WordPress is a free and Open Source CMS, Are you planning to explore WordPress.? learn the WordPress course from the best WordPress experts with real-time examples.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: An Introduction to Website Development

  1. Introduction to Wordpress.
  2. Understanding basics of web development.
  3. Introduction to HTML.
  4. Building a web page using HTML.
  5. Learning HTML tags.
  6. Understanding the layout of website.
  7. Basics of Menu and Nesting of menu
  8. Types of images for a website.
  9. Learning types of videos for a website.
  1. Installing Wordpress on local Machine.
  2. Introduction to Godaddy.
  3. Secure Login on Godaddy Server.
  4. Understanding Layout of Host Panel.
  5. Installing Wordpress on Godaddy Server.
  6. Creating users account for wordpress.
  7. Understanding Admin Panel for Wordpress.
  1. Introduction to Wordpress Dashboard.
  2. Understanding Post and Page Editors.
  3. Working on media library
  4. Loading Wordpress website templates
  5. Working on first Post and Page.
  6. Working on Analytics Plugins.
  7. Understanding HTML Editor.
  8. Roal of h1 tag in the world of SEO.
  1. An introduction to Menu
  2. Understanding categories in Wordpress Blogs.
  3. Designing Menus using Wordpress Category.
  4. Designing Sub-Menus in Wordpress.
  5. Testing Menus on Wordpress website.
  1. An Introduction to Themes and Plugins.
  2. Installing Yoast Seo Plugin on Wordpress.
  3. Undersatanding the role of SEO.
  4. Working on Plugins.
  5. Installing Themes on Wordpress Website.
  6. Unserstanding sitemap.xml in Wordpress.
  7. Connecting Sitemap.xml in Search Console
  1. An Introduction to customizing a Theme.
  2. Wordpress options for customizing a Theme.
  3. How to add and delete a Theme.
  4. Understanding Wordpress appearance management
  5. Theme Uploading and activation.
  6. Assignments on Wordpress Theme editing.
  1. An Introduction to Woocommerce.
  2. Introduction to product marketing.
  3. Adding products using Woocommerce.
  4. Handling Orders uisng Woocommerce .
  5. Working on Woocommerce category.
  6. Developing Project on Woocommerce.
  1. An Introduction to SEO.
  2. Installing Yoast SEO plugin.
  3. Working on page content for SEO.
  4. Working on page title and Keywords .
  5. Understanding copyright issues.
  6. Testing plagiarism for blog.
  7. Testing and increasing SEO Score.
  1. An Introduction to Project Development.
  2. Project Assignments.
  3. Task Allocation and Project guidance.
  4. Final Project Submission.
  1. An Introduction to PHP.
  2. Basic of PHP language.
  3. Combing PHP Script with Wordpress Website.
  4. Designing Email Code in PHP.
  5. An Introduction to HTML Forms.
  6. Developing HTML Forms.
  7. Adding PHP Scipt on HTML Forms.

Student Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will get industry valid certificate after completeion of this course and you will be tagged as a wordpress developer.
Yes, You can pay your fee in two installments but it depands on the course you selected.
Yes, You can join wordpress online course even if you do not belong from computer science background. Our experts will help you to upgarde your technical skills, you just need some basic computer skills for this course.
This course is 100% practical oriented, you will work on wordpress local and live panel and other wordpress plugins moreover, you will work on how to design and develop a meaningful responsive website for your clients.
DigiStackEdu provide cost effective and quality training,We focus on every student and we understand the value of money.Our Trainers are certified and having more than 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing, Data Science, Java Programming, Web Designing, Big Data and Data Analytics moreover,We have Trained 47,000+ students and professionals who are working in top level IT companies.
DigiStackEdu only provide internship in Data Science, Digital Marketing, Java Programming, PHP programming and Web Development.For more details please contact to our support team.
WordPress is the most demanding content managemnet system accross the globe and approx 65% of the websites on the web is developed using WordPress.Most of the IT comapnies and bloggers use wordpress to develop a website.
You can submit your fee after 3 classes, Even after that if you face any issue with in the next 7 days then you can contect to our support team for the return.
We'll start this course by very basic concepts of web designing and development further we'll move to the advance concept of Wordpress.It will take approx 1 month to be master of wordpress and web development after that you will get a industry valid cerficate and will get a tag as a Wordpress Developer.