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Machine Learning

15 APR 2024
Live Classroom
Digital marketing workshop

This is a Machine Learning live workshop program designed to upgrade student's skills in predictive modeling, linear regression, and classifications. this workshop program focuses on Machine Learning strategies and ML tools moreover, you will learn how to use the right ML model to analyze different varieties of data. this workshop program is conducted by the best Machine Learning experts who have more than 10+ years of industrial experience, get a chance to meet Machine Learning experts, and boost your career.

Hi, I am Ashok Mahajan and I am a Sr. Data Analyst for the past 10 years. many students and professionals looking for the answer to the scope of Machine Learning and how it works as Machine Learning and data science field are growing day by day, companies are looking for professionals who can build predictive models for their business and can work on various machine learning models such as classifications and clustering. It is a golden opportunity for you to attend a live workshop program on Machine Learning that will guide you about various predictive modeling strategies.

We know that Data Science and ML is the most demanding field in the current industry and it is highly required for every business. this field is becoming the best career option today, also making a strong impact across the globe. According to a survey, Data Science Industry is growing at a 70% rate every year that is why there is a need for Machine Learning professionals for the industry. you just need to feel the power of Data Science as a company's business can reach millions of customers by applying the right predictive model.


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