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Vivek Shrivastva

Sr. Web Developer

Mr. Vivek is an expert of web development and he developed more then 20+ projects in his career.


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  • Module : 10
  • Length : 15 days
  • Level : Advance
  • Category :Application Development.
  • Started : 15 APR 2024
  • Shift : 02
  • Class : 15

Course Description

Node.js is a powerful framework for web application development and has the ability to work with various RDBMS and NOSQL databases such as MongoDB.Node.js is a very populer framework in the current industrial world and professionals are using this framework to develop different kinds of applications.

This is the course to be a web Developer,In this course you will learn how to create a website utilizing Node.js Http, FS, Express and other modules, Moreover you will be an expert in web application development.

You will get live streaming classroom with top level industry expert and we only permit 5 student in a batch as our course quality and student feekback matter for us.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: An Introduction to Node.js

  1. Introduction to Node.js
  2. Environment setup for Node.js
  3. Understanding Server and Client.
  4. Node.js first application.
  5. Working on Node.js console.
  6. Understanding Node Package Manager.
  7. What is REPL.
  8. Designing second application.
  9. Assignments on Basic Scripting.
  1. Setting Templates for Application Development.
  2. Understanding HTML Tags.
  3. Working on Template Layout.
  4. Designing Front End for Application.
  5. Designing Forms and Buttons.
  6. Designing Menus and other layouts.
  7. Assignment on Front end Development.
  1. Introduction to FS Module.
  2. Reading Files using Node.js FS.
  3. Opening a file using Node.js FS.
  4. Understanding different modes to open a file.
  5. Writing on file in Node.js.
  6. Asynchronous Nature of Node.js
  7. Reading and Writing Files Asynchronously.
  8. Assignments on FS Module.
  1. An introduction to Http.
  2. Understanding in-built Http Module.
  3. Understanding HTTP Header.
  4. How to read a Query String.
  5. How to split a Query String.
  6. Creating Application based on Client and Server.
  7. Assignments on Node Http Module.
  1. An Introduction to Callbacks.
  2. Working on node.js Callbacks.
  3. Non blocking codes.
  4. Understanding events in Node.js
  5. Working on node.js events.
  1. An Introduction to MySQL.
  2. Select Operations in SQL.
  3. Creating tables with primary Key.
  4. Update and Delete Operations in SQL
  5. Node.js and MYSQL COnnection.
  6. CRUD using Node.js.
  7. Creating App based on database.
  1. An Introduction to MongoDB.
  2. Creating database in mongodb.
  3. Uploading Documents.
  4. Creating MongoDB Connection .
  5. Working on MongoDB Query .
  6. Insert and Select Operation on MongoDB.
  7. Update and delete Operation on MongoDB.
  8. Assignments on MongoDB.
  1. An Introduction to Express.js
  2. installing Express.js.
  3. Working on request and response.
  4. Working on http methods GET and POST.
  5. Express.js File Upload.
  6. Working on Cookies.
  7. Assignments on Express.js
  1. An Introduction to Child Process
  2. Implemeting Child process in Node.js.
  3. Assignments on Child Process.
  1. An Introduction to Project Development
  2. Project Assignments.
  3. Project Report Generation.
  4. Final Project Submission.

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