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Devansh Solanki

Sr. Java Developer

Mr. Devansh Solanki is one of the best instructor of digiStackedu.


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  • Lessons : 12
  • Length : 1 Month
  • Level : Advance
  • Category : Programming
  • Started : 15 APR 2024
  • Shift : 02
  • Class : 30

Course Description

Java is a programming language and used to develop different types of applications. This course is designed to upgrade your skills in core java programming, In this course, you will learn all concepts of core java like variables, loop, if-else statements, multi-threading, and object-oriented programming moreover, you'll work on Java Development Environment and it makes you strong in problem-solving, thinking, and logic development.

Java Professionals use Eclipse IDE to develop applications this course also makes you perfect to use development environments like Eclipse and Intellij IDE, Learn Java From Java Developers Who is working in top-level IT Organizations.

After completion of this course, you can also upgrade your skills in Java Web Development as Java is also being used in Web and Mobile application development moreover, This course opens a door for students and professionals in the world of programming.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Java programming Overview

  1. Introduction to Java.
  2. Setting JAVA environment.
  3. installation of Eclipse IDE.
  4. Understanding JDK, JRE and JVM.
  5. Variables,data type and operators in Java.
  6. Type casting in Java.
  7. Taking User input in Java.
  8. Basic Problem solving skills in Java.
  9. Solving Mathmetical equations in Java.
  1. Introduction to Conditional Statements.
  2. Understanding Basics of If and Else.
  3. Controlling the flow of program using IF and Else.
  4. User Input with If-Else
  5. Nesting of If-Else Staements.
  6. Practical Demo on If-Else.
  7. Assignments on If-Else Lecture.
  8. IF and Else with Loop.
  9. Nesting of IF and Else Statements.
  1. Introduction to Loop in Java programming
  2. Basics of for Loop and While Loop.
  3. Combining Loop and If-Else Statements.
  4. Positive and Negative Loop.
  5. Practical on For Loop in Python programming.
  6. Practical on Nested For Loop in Java programming.
  7. Practical on While Loop in Java programming.
  8. Practical on Nested While Loop in Java programming.
  9. Java Break and Continue Statements.
  10. Switch Case Statement in Java Programming.
  1. An Introduction to Class in Java.
  2. An Introduction to Objects in Java.
  3. Creating First Class and Object.
  4. Constructors in Java
  5. Static Block and Static Methods
  6. this Keyword in Java Object Oriented Programming.
  7. Inheritance in Java.
  8. Overloading and Overriding in Java.
  9. Object Communication in Java Programming.
  10. Wrapper Classes in Java.
  11. Assignment on Java Class and Object.
  1. An Introduction to Inheritance.
  2. Types of Inheritance in Java.
  3. Multi-Level Inheritance.
  4. Working on Java Interface
  5. Use of Super Keyword in Java.
  6. Constructor behaviour in Inheritance.
  7. Constructor and Method Overriding.
  8. Final Keyword in Java.
  9. Dynamic Binding in Java Programming.
  1. An Introduction to Exceptions.
  2. Working on Try and Catch Block.
  3. Nested Try Catch Block.
  4. Working on Java Finally Keyword
  5. Working on Java Throw Keyword.
  6. Difference between Throw and Throws.
  7. Difference between final, finally and finalize.
  1. An Introduction to Innner Class.
  2. How to access Innner Class.
  3. Anonymous Inner class.
  4. Working on Static Inner Class
  5. Working on Inner Class Problems.
  6. Assignments on Inner ClassesS.
  1. An Introduction to Multthreading.
  2. Understanding Life Cycle of a Thread.
  3. Creating First Thread in Java.
  4. How to sleep a Thread
  5. Woking on run() method.
  6. Naming and Joining a Thread in Java.
  7. Setting Thread Priority.
  8. Working on Thread Group.
  1. An Introduction to File I/O in Java.
  2. Reading from a file.
  3. Java Input and Output Streams.
  4. working on FileOutputStream
  5. working on FileInputStream
  6. working on BufferedOutputStream
  7. working on BufferedInputStream
  8. working on ByteArrayOutputStream
  9. working onByteArrayInputStream
  10. Writing into a file.
  11. Reading a doc file in Java
  12. Reading pdf in Java.
  13. Opening and Closing Files.
  14. File I/O Modes in Java.
  15. Assignment on Java I/O.
  1. An Introduction to String.
  2. Working on Immutable String
  3. Working on String Comparison
  4. Working on String Concatenation
  5. Working on Substring
  6. Working on Methods of String class
  7. Working on StringBuffer and classStringBuilder
  8. Working on StringBuffer vs Builder
  1. An Introduction to JDBC
  2. Setting JDBC Driver in Eclipse
  3. Process of JDBC Connectivity
  4. Connecting Java with Oracle
  5. Connecting Java with MySQL
  6. Working on DriverManager Class
  7. Working on ResultSet and PreparedStatement
  8. How to store and Retrieve image
  9. Working on CallableStatement
  1. An Introduction to Collection Framework.
  2. Working on Java ArrayList
  3. Working on Java LinkedList
  4. Difference b/w ArrayList and LinkedList
  5. Understanding Java List Interface
  6. Working on Java HashSet
  7. Working on Java LinkedHashSet
  8. Working on Java Map Interface
  9. Working on Java HashMap
  10. Other Classes in Java Collection
  1. An Introduction to Project Development.
  2. Project Assignments.
  3. Report Generation.
  4. Final Project Submission.

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