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Mr. Anlur Bhardwaj

Sr. Data Analyst

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  • Price : Call Now/-
  • Lessons : 10
  • Length : 15 days
  • Level : Advance
  • Category : Database
  • Started : 15 APR 2024
  • Shift : 02
  • Class : 15

Course Description

RDBMS play a major role in any organization,companies are storing there data in MYSQL and various database managemnet systems and we need to execute SQL queries in order to manipulate and access data,This course is designed to upgrade your skills in structure query language.

SQL is being used in data analytics and data mining,In this Course you will learn how to execute SQL commands, create, alter and drop tables and how to select, insert, update and fetch records.

We will start this course with basics of SQL and slowly you will move to SQL advance level concepts that is required to do data analysis a part from this,you will learn how to work on different types of joins and how to work on SQL views.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: An Introduction to SQL

  1. Introduction to SQL.
  2. Structure of RDBMS.
  3. Introduction to databases.
  4. What is a Tables and its Structure.
  5. Understding Table Fields.
  6. What is Primary Key.
  1. Installation of MySQL
  2. Setting a password for SQL.
  3. Setting port number 3306.
  4. Understanding SQL Command Line Promt.
  5. Understanding the Layout of GUI mode.
  6. Creating first Database.
  7. Creating First Table.
  1. Introduction to SQL Query
  2. Inserting records into SQL Table.
  3. Updating records of SQL Table.
  4. Deleting records From SQL Table.
  5. Fetching records From SQL Table.
  6. Select Operation with where clasue.
  7. Select with In and Not-In Operators.
  8. Selecting different pattern.
  9. Select Operation with Like and Not Like.
  10. Select Operation with Regular Expression.
  11. Select Operation with Limit.
  1. Introduction to GroupBy Query
  2. Understanding GroupBy and Count.
  3. Working on GroupBy on differentn data set.
  4. Working on OrderBy on differentn data set.
  5. Working on Nested Queries
  6. Nested Queries with GroupBy.
  7. Nested Queries with OrderBy.
  8. Having Keyword in SQL.
  1. An Introduction to Join.
  2. Types of Joins in SQL
  3. Left Outer Join in SQL
  4. Right Outer Join in SQL.
  5. Inner Join in SQL.
  6. Full Outer Join in SQL.
  7. Union Opertion in SQL.
  1. An Introduction to Keys.
  2. Designing Table with Primary Key.
  3. Designing Table with Foreign Key.
  4. Designing Table with Auto increment Columns.
  5. Describing Table Structure.
  1. An Introduction to Constraints.
  2. Applyting Check Constraints on Columns.
  3. Logical Operatior and Check Constraints.
  4. Testing Constraints on Table.
  1. An Introduction to Views.
  2. Creating a Simple View.
  3. SQL View of GroupBy Query.
  4. SQL View of Join Query.
  5. SQL View of Nested Query.
  6. Updating Views in SQL.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will get industry valid certificate after completeion of this course and you will get a tag as a SQL Expert.
Yes, You can pay your fee in two installments but it depands on the course you selected.
Yes, You can join SQL online course even if you do not belong from computer science background. Our experts will help you to upgarde your technical skills, you just need some basic computer skills for this course.
This course is 100% practical oriented, you will work on MYSQL Local and live panel and other SQL useful commands moreover, you will work on how to Create databases and how to joins Tables.
DigiStackEdu provide cost effective and quality training,We focus on every student and we understand the value of money.Our Trainers are certified and having more than 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing, Data Science, Java Programming, Web Designing, Big Data and Data Analytics moreover,We have Trained 47,000+ students and professionals who are working in top level IT companies.
DigiStackEdu only provide internship in Data Science, Digital Marketing, Java Programming, PHP programming and Web Development.For more details please contact to our support team.
SQL is the most demanding Query Language accross the globe and approx 90% IT comapnies use SQL in order to process and analyze datasets.
You can submit your fee after 3 classes, Even after that if you face any issue with in the next 7 days then you can contect to our support team for the return.
We'll start this course by very basic concepts of SQL and further we'll move to the advance concept of SQL.It will take approx 15 days to be master of SQL and RDBMS after that you will get a industry valid cerficate and will get a tag as a SQL Expert.